Starting today GolemGrid now supports gwasm tasks from the task panel. The only current implementation is the gflite demo that let's you input some text and have it computed as speech. gwasm is only live on the  Golem Testnet for now and that means it's a free  service on GolemGrid to use. Please don't abuse it since the Testnet has limited computing power and if we detect abuse, a ratelimiter will be installed.

With the introduction of gwasm on GolemGrid that also means that if you have developed an application yourself, and you'd like to have it installed on GolemGrid you can contact us about it and we'll add support for it. Whether that is for your account on GolemGrid only or if you want to make it public for everyone to use, you decide.

We are also super excited to announce a site-wide UI/UX update has rolled out and is live right now! We think it's the best design to date and aim for a modern minimalistic design.


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