We recently just added support for adding GolemGrid as an "app" on your smartphone. Technically is not really an official app, but it's a Progressive Web App that you can save to your home screen to access GolemGrid faster on the go. Launching the app will show up a launch screen and right after you'll be taken directly to the dashboard if logged in.

How to add it?

To add GolemGrid to your home screen on your smartphone, you will need to launch your preffered browser and goto GolemGrid

Once the page has loaded you need to navigate to your browser option menu. In there you'll find an option to save to your Home Screen. Click that and a prompt to rename the app will show up. By default the name will be GolemGrid but feel free to change it.


And that's really it. You should now have the GolemGrid app on your home screen. Launching it will look like this.

Golem PWA launch screen