GolemGrid has always been a requestor only platform for the Golem Network, that lets a user submit tasks to the network. Today we're changing that with Golem Insight!

Golem Insight is aimed at the providers on the Golem Network. This new offspring of GolemGrid are going to help providers gather knowledge around the Golem Network. Whether you want to gather data from individual nodes, the network, check your ports status or see the global stats scoreboard, Golem Insight has it all!

We want to create a whole ecosystem around Golem for everyone, and we think this is a great way to start off with. If you're a requestor then you'll want to look at GolemGrid, and if you're a provider you want to look at Golem Insight.

Golem Insight features:

  1. Network overview - Provides an overview of the networks computational power and a geographical location graph of the nodes on the network.
  2. Node Data - Search the name of a node and explore graphs with data for that node.
  3. Port Checker - Check your own ports and make sure that they're opened for Golem.
  4. Version Notifier - Sign up with your email to receive mails when a new release of Golem is out.
  5. Scoreboard - Brief scoreboard over who has the highest amount of successful subtasks, most subtask errors or highest core count.

In the future of Golem Insight we have planned informal videos guides on how to install, use and troubleshoot Golem. Ultimately we also want to create tools for Golem like a startup script to launch Golem in the background when your computer starts etc.

If you've got any questions you can contact me through the formula on the website, or just throw me a message on the Official Golem Rocket Chat where you'll find me as the user Phillip with the Trusted User tag